Our Growth Drivers Framework is the foundation of all our solutions. Growth Drivers is a modeling application based on simultaneous equation regression across brands and categories. It measures the drivers of current business performance, simulates the impact of drivers in the future, and identifies opportunities for growth. Growth Drivers helps you to optimize marketing and sales spending across the corporate portfolio and within brands, evolve marketing and communication strategies and provide a pathway to profitable growth.


MFA developed MES (Modeling Expert System) software to scale its analytical framework with expert knowledge. MES provides the user with tremendous ability to both speed up the analysis and improve the quality of it. MES offers a variety of statistical algorithms, flexibility of design, on the fly calculations and predictive capabilities. MES offers expert guidance in model development, selection and result interpretation through coded and continuously cumulated knowledge. The software is server or cloud based and is shared across multiple users and locations providing opportunity for collaboration.
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Our Analytical Solutions are powered by our Software Applications
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Innovative technology provides our holistic analytic framework with the power to deliver strategies for growth.